Again and again it shows itself from its most beautiful side - the small church of Wassen.

The old Gotthard line has made the church famous, because you can see "s'Chileli vo Wassen" (the church of Wassen) three times thanks to the spectacular line of the railway with its winding tunnels. The village is situated at 930 m above sea level and has 409 inhabitants. Wassen itself was already known before the opening of the Gotthard tunnel in 1882, for since the muleteers moved through the valley towards the Gotthard and Susten Passes in the 13th century, the village had established itself as an important stage destination. The village centre still bears witness to old times with its pretty houses and a beautiful village fountain. The church of Wassen is also worth a visit, because although it is very well known from the outside and the landmark of the village, only few people visit the inside.

The Sustenpass connects the canton of Uri with the Bernese Oberland and is a spectacular ride. The Susten road was completed in 1946. On it, travellers cross the wildly romantic Meiental, where numerous hikes invite you to roam this unique mountain landscape. Legends also live on in Wassen, such as the Pfaffensprung: here you can see impressively how water has formed the rocks over millions of years. According to various legends, priests fell down here while fleeing. Today the gorge can be viewed from a safe bridge.

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