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Sasso San Gottardo

6781 Gotthardpass

Deep inside the mountain, in the middle of the Gotthard Pass, is a hidden Swiss Army artillery fortification that was top secret until a few years ago. What was once renowned as an impregnable fort and went down in history as “Reduit Schweiz” is now home to the unforgettable Gotthard Adventure World.

Explore the heart of Switzerland: An unforgettable experience for all ages, individual visitors or groups, families and schools. The biggest ever crystal aggregate ever found in the Alps region can be admired at Sasso San Gottardo. Multimedia exhibits shed light on Gotthard mobility and myth. The darkness reveals surprising aspects and leads visitors into a dynamic world full of speed, precision, steel and stone.

The ride on the underground “Metro del Sasso” leads up to the historical fort. In the cannon rooms, ammunition magazines and accommodation deep inside the Gotthard, a piece of history comes alive. A tunnel leads visitors into the open air and onto a spectacular platform. The view from a surprising angle onto the craggy Gotthard mountains is fantastic.

Both groups and individual visitors can take a tour of Sasso San Gottardo. Further exciting offers and tours are listed on the Sasso San Gottardo website. Events ranging from aperitifs to weddings deep inside the mountain can be organised upon request.

Note: Warm clothing and sturdy shoes are advisable for the tour, as it is chilly inside the mountain (approx. 8°C).
Depending on the offer, a tour lasts a couple of hours.

Sasso San Gottardo enriches the journey across the Gotthard Pass and can be accessed by both public transport (Postauto from Andermatt or Airolo) and private vehicle. This adventure world can be ideally visited as an excursion or as an extra highlight while passing through.


Fondazione Sasso San Gottardo
6781 Gotthardpass

Phone +41 84 411 66 00