Pfarrkirche Heilig Kreuz

6490 Andermatt

Heilig Kreuz Parish Church in Realp is a house of God built in neo-Gothic style. It was consecrated on 21 August 1881.

A chapel “ze Realp” was already mentioned in a certificate dated 1448. On 12 October 1500, it was blessed in honour of the Holy Cross. In 1880, the foundation stone for the development of a new church was laid; the church was ceremoniously consecrated one year later. Realp belonged to Andermatt under church law until 1882.

The church’s architect was Josef Spalt. Construction was made possible through donations and voluntary work by locals. The church was most recently renovated in 1992.

Heilig Kreuz Parish Church is also the first stop on the Realp – Zumdorf – Realp tour, which leads past various power places. Duration: approx. three hours.

Free entrance.


Pfarrei Andermatt
6490 Andermatt

Phone +41 41 887 11 81