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Nationales St. Gotthard-Museum

6780 Airolo

An Alpine pass and its history – a museum at 2,100 metres above sea level.

The National St Gotthard Museum tells the gripping story of humanity’s long, arduous struggle to open up and constantly improve the Gotthard Pass as a major trade and traffic route.

Visitors and travellers tour the museum (in Italian: Museo Nazionale del San Gottardo) in the Alte Sust. This building from the year 1834 once served as a customs post and accommodation for travellers passing through. The substantial building is stylishly renovated and tells the story of the pass and the development of transit traffic in a lively way. At the same time, the historical, cultural, political and folkloric significance of the pass road is also elucidated.

The museum collection is diversely composed, thanks to reliefs, models, documents, weapons, uniforms, artworks, minerals and old vehicles. Temporary exhibitions are often held in addition.

The high mountain air makes you hungry, and after an exciting visit to the museum a kiosk and self-service restaurants are inviting places for refreshment. These can be found in the same building as the museum.

Like the pass itself, the sights on the Gotthard Pass are open in the summer. The legendary Gotthard Stagecoach and the PostBus are also in circulation across the Alpine pass during this period.

A tip: A detour to the nearby Sasso San Gottardo fort can be easily combined with a visit to the museum and is a unique complement to the journey across the Gotthard Pass.


Nationales St. Gotthard-Museum
6780 Airolo

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