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Meyer's Sporthaus AG (Rental-Point village)

Gotthardstrasse 62, 6490 Andermatt

A long tradition, personal and professional advice.

The newly opened Rental-Point village is located in the middle of Andermatt. Here locals and guests can rent ski, snowboard and cross-country skiing equipment. The long-time employees of the sports house provide help in finding the right equipment. Furthermore, there is a Stöckli test center in the new Rental-Point village.

The sisters Hanny and Lisbeth Meyer founded Meyer's Sporthaus AG in Andermatt over 50 years ago. The two of them successfully built up the sports business and remained in business until 1995. Afterwards they handed it over to the family Urs and Ursina Portmann.

The Portmann family also offers a wide range of contemporary and high-quality equipment for sale in their main store at Gotthardstrasse 93.

In the Trend Shop at Gotthardstrasse 55, the range of leisurewear is supplemented.

There is also the Rental-Point train station at Gotthardstrasse 15 in Andermatt.


Meyer's Sporthaus AG
Gotthardstrasse 62
6490 Andermatt

Phone +41 41 887 13 32