cable railway

Amsteg-Arnisee cable car

Mittel Arni 10, 6474 Amsteg

Sweeping view, peace - summer and winter alike.

The Arni terrace high above the Uri Reuss Valley is accessed by two railways. From Amsteg, the Amsteg–Arnisee cable car conveys passengers into a completely different world in only a few minutes.

The valley station is located right next to the Amsteg motorway exit; free parking spaces are available to passengers. The cable car conveys day-trippers to an elevation of 800 metres and hence into a pure idyll: blooming Alpine meadows, grazing cows and goats, for people who have time.

Hike, bike, fish or simply enjoy a picnic by the Arni lake. If you do not want to bring along food in your rucksack, you will find two inns and a mountain shack that will tend to their guests’ wellbeing.

In the winter, the snow lays a magical blanket over the silent landscape. Ideal for winter hiking, snowshoe walking or setting off on a ski tour. Stock up on strength and energy in unspoilt nature.

The excursion can be easily combined with the Instchi-Arnisee cable car.

Fantastic times – summer and winter.

Facts & Figures

Valley station: 512 m above sea level
Mountain station: 1302 m above sea level
Difference of altitude: 790 metres
Travel time: 6 minutes
Cabin size: 4 persons

Jan., Feb., Nov., Dec.: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., every half hour
March, Apr., May, June: 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., every half hour
July, Aug., Sept., Oct.: 7 a.m. – 8 p.m., every half hour
Without interruption at times of peak demand. Operated by tokens at night.

Information for wheelchair users
Not suitable for wheelchairs.


Luftseilbahn Amsteg-Arnisee
Mittel Arni 10
6474 Amsteg

Phone +41 41 883 12 47