The Car-train offers the chance to take you and your car between the counties of Wallis, Uri and Graubünden by way of the train. At the Furka you and your car can be transported throughout the year however the car-train over the Oberalp only runs during the winter months and when the Pass is closed. 

The Matterhorn Gotthard Railway offers a car-train service between Realp and Oberwald, via the Furka tunnel and between Andermatt and Sedrun by way of the Oberalp Pass.
 This enables that even in winter, when the Pass roads are closed you and your car, without a long diversion, can travel from Andermatt to Wallis or Graubünden.

For transportation through the Furka tunnel the car is loaded in Realp and Oberwald; over the Oberalp Pass in Andermatt and Sedrun.