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lost in the depths

A theatrical tour based on the dramatic story of the Russian opera singer Zinaida von Bremer, 
born Lenkin. In the summer, the story is staged in the Schöllenen Gorge - 
at the very spot where the diva has been considered lost since December 3, 1925.

Source information: The Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Issue Date: Sunday, April 4, 1926

Zinaida Jurjewskaja

Zinaida Jurjewskaja

Zinaida Jurjewskaja (born around 1896 in Russia) left Russia with her family after the October Revolution of 1917 and then studied singing (soprano) in Berlin. In 1922 she made her debut at the Berlin State Opera in "Der goldene Hahn" by Rimsky-Korssakow and immediately had significant success there. In 1924 she sang the title role in the premiere of the opera "Jenufa" by L. Janácek at this house, where she showed an impressive performance. In 1925 she made a guest appearance with the ensemble of the Berlin State Opera in Amsterdam as Sophie in "Rosenkavalier". The artist's end of life turned out to be tragic. During a vacation in Switzerland she poisoned herself during an attack of depression and threw herself into the Reuss river. Her body was only found after a long time. The voice of the singer, who died so young, was distinguished by her sovereign mastery of the singing technique as well as her subtle expressiveness. Despite the shortness of her career she recorded records with the labels Parlophon (scenes from "Jenufa"), Polydor and Homochord.

the tragig story

Was it a crime, an accident or suicide?
Zinaida Jurjevskaja, a famous opera singer from Berlin, disappeared on December 3, 1925 in the Schöllenen Gorge. A guided theatre tour takes in the historical and highly dramatic landscape of the Schöllenen around the Devil's Bridge and tells a story that caused an uproar in Berlin and Andermatt 95 years ago.

Zinaida Jurjevskaja was a star in Berlin during the 1920s. On December 3, 1925, she arrived in Andermatt on the midday train and disembarked at the Hotel Bären. Her initial destination was Rapallo on the Ligurian coast, but she disappeared the same day in the Schöllenen Gorge.

The authorities in Uri clarified the incident and concluded that she had committed suicide. Berlin refused to believe this and intervened in Bern. The role of her husband was not beyond all doubt. After a year, the file of Zinaida Yuryevskaya was closed. In spring 1926 the Reuss released a female dead body.

History brought to life
The tragic story of Zinaida Jurjevskaja was researched, written down and realized by the author Heinz Keller at the suggestion of Andermatt Urserntal Tourism together with the actresses Marielouise Gamma and Heidi Danioth from Göschenen and Andermatt. In a theatre tour lasting almost one hour, the gorge turns into a stage. In a theatrical way, the circumstances of the tragic death of the Berlin opera singer are told and in between, interesting facts about the gorge and its historical significance are conveyed.


The theatre tour through the Schöllenen Gorge is perfect for smaller groups who want to get to know the mythical place from a slightly different perspective.

Starting and ending point: Restaurant Teufelsbrücke

Duration: Approx. one hour

Maximum participants: 14

Language: German

Costs: Flat rate CHF 225.- per group/performance

The theatre tour can only be booked on request. Please contact us using the button below. 

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