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Iris Baumann

WinterStory Wassen


"Suddenly you know it's time to start something new and to trust in the magic of new beginnings."

(Meister Eckhart)

Iris Baumann, 31, was born and brought up in Wassen. Today she is a firm fixture of life in the village on the Susten Pass.

"I trained as a painter and decorator, as I've always liked working with my hands. After a few years gaining experience, I worked the winter season at Meyer's Sporthaus in Andermatt as a way of switching career. Then over the summer I worked as a chalet maid at the Sustlihütte in Meiental and ended up doing that for seven years. My favourite place to work was the kitchen. During that time I graduated from the farmers' domestic college, as one day I hope to take over a farm. First, however, I'll be doing my tenth winter sports season."


My favourite place

"My go-to place to recharge my batteries is the Göscheneralp. Our family has kept sheep there for generations. My favourite sheep are Prinzessin (she even recognises my whistle) and Pinki, who is wider than she is tall. This is where my heart is."


My Wassen

"Wassen is where I have my roots. In a hamlet of 400 souls, everyone knows everyone. Whether its community singing at carnival time, music societies or the local fire brigade, if it's local, I'll be there to help."


Best of  Ferienregion Andermatt

"The view from the Gemsstock looking out over 600 mountain peaks."


Insider tip

"I love Galenstock cheese, especially when it's served in a burger in my favourite bar in Andermatt."