"Dr Dängeli-Büür"

"Dr Dängeli-Büür"

Unter diesem Namen ist Hans Baumann im Meiental bekannt. Er praktiziert das alte Handwerk des Dengelns heute noch.

Zur Person

Name: Hans Baumann (aged 49)

Place of residence: Meien


"Originally I wanted to be a carpenter, but I failed the admissions exam for the college so I became a farmer instead. A turning point came for me when I was able to acquire my own land. As the years go by, being my own boss suits me more and more, as does the landscape here. Today I am very happy that my son will be able to inherit the farm and the cows." ."


What is "dängele"?

Dängele is local dialect for "dengeln", which describes the process by which the scythe is sharpened for grass cutting. The blade is placed on an anvil and hammered along the cutting edge (the "dangel") to make it thinner and therefore sharper.

Learning the art of dängele

«"Ever since I was a boy I've been fascinated by scythes. My first attempt was a disaster: I struck the middle of the blade and the scythe broke. But practice makes perfect. Today my grandchildren tell me I'm very good at it."


My moped

"Whether I'm at the back of the annual cattle drive, or on the way to cut the grass with my scythe, without my moped I don't go anywhere. My Herkules has been with me for almost my entire life."


"Whenever we have guests, we often go out to the Susten Pass. As a grandfather, my insider tip would be the trampoline and animals at the Susten Hospiz inn."