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Village tours in Andermatt on various topics

Gotthardstrasse 2, 6490 Andermatt

Discover Andermatt in an educational way.

Local guides will tell you current and historical facts with many background stories.

Guided tours are available on the following topics:

Myths & Legends
A special highlight is the Myths & Legends Hike to the legendary Devil's Bridge and Schöllenen Gorge in Andermatt. But you will also learn amazing things about less-known things, such as the witch hunts in the Alpine valleys. Your guide will introduce you to the topic of superstition, the differences between myths and legends, or the living conditions of the time with a great deal of narrative spirit.

Geology & Mineralogy
Simmen leads through the geology & mineralogy of the Gotthard. He shows you the special features of the region and tells you how the smoke got into the smoky quartz, what caused the last great ice age or how the age of stones and minerals can be determined. He is a qualified chemical laboratory technician and has a vast knowledge of the processes and composition of the various types of rock in the area.

Flora and Fauna
The knowledge of plants and animals is a rare art these days. You will be amazed how many flowers can be made into a delicacy to eat or which plant as tea or lotion does its herbal medicine. During the day, the animals are usually hidden high in the mountains. But even if you can rarely see them, the knowledge about them and their habitat is not less interesting. Learn more about the alpine environment and discover the natural beauty right in front of your eyes.

Culture & History on the Gotthard
For a long time, the Ursern valley was an important starting point for crossing the Alps. The difficult path through the Schöllenen and over the Gotthard was made accessible very early on and was repeatedly extended. One could say that the local population has been living off it since the beginning of tourism - first from commercial tourism, later from recreational tourism. Simmen lets you travel back in time and brings you closer to the living conditions and everyday problems of that time. Learn exciting background stories about the country and its people from different eras.

Transport & Traffic
Already around the year 1200 the hardly passable Schöllenen gorge was opened up. In the golden age of muleteers, a journey from Lucerne to the Italian border took about 5 to 7 days. The same distance could be covered in 24 hours with the introduction of the stagecoach. The opening of the railway line shortened the journey again to about 9 hours. And even with today's Neat base tunnel, the advance in transport and traffic is a constant companion in time. Whether about the present situation or the past, Simmen will provide you with competent information.

Guided tours: On request
Booking: Tel. +41 41 887 00 50
Costs: CHF 80.- per hour

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Gotthardstrasse 2
6490 Andermatt