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Tour of Gotthard tunnel village Göschenen

6487 Göschenen

The tour of Gotthard tunnel village Göschenen was set up in connection with the opening of the Gotthard base tunnel in 2016. On the tour, visitors can get an impression of the history of the longest railway tunnel of the 19th century as well as of the evolution of Gotthard traffic. In addition, they can learn interesting facts about how the base tunnel came to be. The old village heart of Göschenen captivates through its historical highlights and is known to only a handful of people.

The tour leads to 14 stops. At Göschenen railway station and near the village square, free booklets/brochures are on display, guiding visitors on their individual walk and providing information in German, Italian and English.

The tour starts at Göschenen railway station. Among other features, the walk takes visitors through the railway tunnel’s focusing gallery, in which an audio show explains how the tunnel was built from 1872-1882. The subsequent stops are: the toll bridge, on which tolls were collected until the 17th century; Villa Bergruh, run by railway buffet proprietor and successful popular author Ernst Zahn; the power station.

Groups can learn about the traffic’s history on a guided tour upon request.

Note: Some stops are closed during the winter months.

Free entrance.


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6487 Göschenen