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Segway Touren

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Explore the Ursern Valley in an environmentally friendly and easy way.

A guided Segway tour is the ideal offering for small groups who would like to get to know the landscape and nature of the Ursern Valley in an unusual and environmentally friendly way.

The Segway is a fascinating, self-balancing and environmentally friendly electric vehicle that is easily steered by the driver’s shifting weight.

A guided Segway tour can be easily arranged before or after an excursion onto a mountain, Andermatt’s local mountain – the Gemsstock – for example.

Mountainwheels offers various guided Segway tours in the Ursern Valley. Groups consist of at least four persons; smaller groups can be formed from nine participants and more. All participants are familiarised with the Segway prior to the tour, before setting off to explore the Ursern Valley.

Note: Segway riding is permitted from ages 16 and up. Holders of licences for motorised vehicles from ages 14 years and up may also ride a Segway.

Date, time and place are individually agreed with Mountainwheels.


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