The world’s most elevated lighthouse as a symbol of the natural link between the Alps and the North Sea.

The Rhine – one of Europe’s most important rivers – has its source in Lake Toma, which can be reached from the lighthouse (Oberalp Pass) in approximately 1.5 hours’ hiking time.

Lake Toma is the beginning of the Rhine’s journey towards the north. Here, the water is clear down to the riverbed and the only clue to the river’s later size and mightiness is its rapid flow.


The first stage of the Four-Sources-Route leads from the Oberalp Pass, where the lighthouse also stands, to the Rhine source at Lake Toma and ends at the Vermigel hut. The highest point is located at the Maighels pass (2421 m), where the idyllic Portgeren lake invites hikers to take a break.

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