Pfarrkirche St. Gallus

“S’Chileli vo Wassen” (Wassen church) even made it into a famous sketch by Swiss comedian Emil Steinberger. It is probably the most famous church in the canton of Uri.

Passengers on their way to the south see the church a whole three times; the Gotthard railway makes this possible thanks to its spectacular routing.

Gallus – the traveller – has been the patron of the parish church in Wassen ever since the 15th century. The new development of the parish church from 1734 was then consecrated to Saint Gallus.

Thanks to its elevated situation, the church is a shaping feature of the valley’s landscape and has been showing travellers the way for centuries.

The church became world-famous through the opening of the Gotthard railway in 1882. The church became a new landmark on the journey to the south and a fixed point in the confusing layout of the Gotthard railway loop tunnels.

The church’s interior captivates through splendid altars and ornate stucco. The atmosphere has a festive effect and is more impressive than the church’s outward appearance leads one to assume. The altars were built by Valais native Jost Ritz and are regarded as masterpieces. It is supposed that the chancel originates from the former parish church, as it is classed under the Renaissance style.

Gottardo hiking path

The visit to the St Gallus parish church in Wassen excellently complements the hike on the Gottardo hiking path along the old railway line.

Free entrance.