butcher's shop

Metzgerei Muheim

Gotthardstrasse 99, 6490 Andermatt

Quality since 1900.

When walking through Andermatt, visitors will also pass the Gotthardstrasse, in which Muheim butcher’s shop is located. Ferdi Muheim supplies quality meat and specialities from the region.

A family-run business founded in 1900 and now managed in its third generation. At Metzgerei Muheim, Ferdi Muheim and his wife Esther offer quality products and place value on both local and organic products.

The meat from free-grazing animals living in the region is dried in the fresh mountain air. Numerous restaurants – even beyond the canton’s borders – prepare this meat for their guests. The butcher’s “Wirscht und Dirrs” are particularly popular. Thanks to the delivery service, tourists from across Europe can stock up on selected meat wares.

The cheese range is the meat selection’s equal in every respect: around 40 Alp cheeses, such as goat’s cheese and formaggini from nearby Leventina (Ticino), are one more reason for shopping at Metzgerei Muheim. The proprietary “Gottardo” fondue mix is blended by Ferdi Muheim himself.

From in-house production

The specialities from Ferdi Muheim’s butcher’s shop include Urner Bindenfleisch, smoked meat, raw cured bacon, goat and lamb cutlets, “Hüswirschtli”, goat, yak and venison sausages.

Catering service

Whether corporate dinners, birthday parties or community events: Ferdi Muheim and his staff are on hand with food and drink.


Metzgerei Muheim
Gotthardstrasse 99
6490 Andermatt

Phone +41 41 887 12 35