Mary's Grotto

Gotthardstrasse 2, 6490 Andermatt

Mysterious light, roaring water, contemplation.

Mary’s Grotto (Grotte Mariens) is a place of contemplation, made almost mystical by the roaring of the Meienreuss. The path of contemplation leads to the grotto from the village of Wassen.

It is worth continuing the walk after leaving the Besinnungsweg – path of contemplation – in order to experience this almost mystical place. The dense forest provides protection from the glaring sun. The muted light amplifies the effect of the grotto and the mysterious atmosphere.

The grotto is located about five minutes’ walk away from the Schanzhaus, above the village of Wassen.

The Besinnungsweg was created in 2004 by the local parish priest at the time, Aloys Liefenfeld, and inaugurated one year later. The path leads to Mary’s Grotto, along the old Susten road towards Schanz. On the walk, visitors will find nine locations with themes that will inspire contemplation.


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