hut and restaurant for hikers

Maighelshütte SAC

The service in the Maighelshütte SAC during winter is depending on the snow conditions. In summer it is serviced from middle of June to middle of October.

The SAC hut in the Val Maighels, which is serviced in summer and winter, sits on the slopes of the Piz Cavradi on the way to the "Rheinquelle" and the four-way trail. The open Val Maighels gives you a view of the main alpine peak with the Piz Borel and the Bornego and Maighel Passes. Minerals, glaciers, steep mountain lakes and gurgling mountain streams invite you to take a break. Day trips take you to Ticino to the Cadlimohütte and further to the Lukmanierpass. Also for bikers from Oberalppass or Andermatt, the hut is an ideal place for lunch or overnight stay.

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Maighelshütte SAC

Phone 0041 81 949 15 51