La Boutique

Gotthardstrasse 91, 6490 Andermatt

Treat yourself or spread a little joy with a beautiful gift to somebody else.

The business has been established since December 2014, when Samih Sawiris’s wife – Goya Gallagher Sawiris – breathed new life into the heart of the village of Andermatt with “La Boutique”, which sells selected products from Egypt via Europe and Switzerland.

Precious, carefully worked materials in top quality can be found in “La Boutique”: First-class bedding, table linen and bathroom linen in Egyptian cotton; wonderful cushions and blankets in cashmere, merino, lamb and Shetland wool; exquisite arts and crafts from Switzerland and across the world.

Manager Astrid Nager will be pleased to explain the origin and history of the individual items.

Various projects and artists are supported through the sale of the products.


La Boutique
Gotthardstrasse 91
6490 Andermatt

Phone 041 887 04 00