Kirche St. Michael

The new development of the third church in Gurtnellen village, which, like its predecessor, is dedicated to Saint Michael, was consecrated in 1783. The tower is squat, on account of the fact that the Geissberg avalanche has regularly thundered into the valley.

On entering the church, visitors are seized by a peculiar calm; the space impresses with its interior décor. This décor is maintained in simple white, with Baroque elements here and there.

Before the new development was consecrated in 1783, a church dedicated to Saint Michael already stood in Gurtnellen village back in 1504. This church was extended in 1586 and, two centuries later, in 1781, the ground was broken for the third church. Locals got involved and helped with the building.

The three splendid altars are attributable to the Uri altar-builder and sculptor Lukas Regli, while it is known that the ceiling, wall and altar pictures are by Karl Meinrad Triner and his son Franz Xaver. The pictures form a unit together.

Saint Michael is depicted in the high altar painting, defeating a terrifying demon with God’s help. This painting was replaced at the end of the 19th century, but it was returned to its original location during the most recent renovation in 1984/85.

Free entrance.