internet access/internet café

Kiosk 61

Gotthardstrasse 61, 6490 Andermatt

Two computers with Internet access are available to visitors at Kiosk 61, run by village character Bänz Simmen. Specific recommendations at the bar are the mango lassi and the ginger-lemon tea, which are freshly prepared by Bänz. Enjoy a whole lot of stories at the same time.

Cosmopolitan, adventurous but firmly rooted here, Bänz Simmen knows Andermatt Holiday Region like no other.

He shows off his Andermatt on various tours. An Andermatt that draws him back over and over again, despite his many journeys abroad. He has put down roots here. He feels at ease here. And he stood on a snowboard for the first time here, about 30 years ago. As the first person in this area ever to do so. Shortly after that, he established the first snowboard school in Andermatt, and was simultaneously one of the co-founders of the Swiss Snowboard Association. A true pioneer, therefore.

Meeting Bänz Simmen and joining him on a snowshoe tour through the winter landscape between Furka, Gotthard and Oberalp pass makes for a fantastic time. We bet everyone will have a whole lot of stories to tell at the end of the day.


Kiosk 61
Gotthardstrasse 61
6490 Andermatt

Phone +41 41 887 00 50