Kalbermatter GmbH

Gotthardstrasse 18, 6484 Wassen

Kalbermatter GmbH - the construction company in Wassen, Uri.

The birth year of today's construction company Kalbermatter GmbH dates back to 1954. The founder at that time, Edelbert Kalbermatter, took over quarry stone work in the German-speaking area with a small team in subcontracting. When Raimund Kalbermatter joined the company in 1964, it was restructured and in the mid-1960s began to apply for building construction and civil engineering work in the Reuss Valley. With the construction of power stations and the subsequent construction of national roads, the company developed further and specialised in maintenance work of all kinds in tunnel and river construction. Later on, special civil engineering work such as avalanche barriers and rock stabilisation in the high mountains was added.

In 2007 Daniel Kalbermatter took over the family business in the third generation. Thanks to his great commitment, his expertise and his very lively nature, the company grew steadily under his leadership up to 20 employees and the equipment was continuously modernised. This commitment was rewarded with business success. In 2018 Daniel Kalbermatter retired far too early due to a short and serious illness. Since then, the construction company Kalbermatter GmbH has been managed by Peter Gamma as Managing Director and Ruedi Tresch as Deputy Managing Director. The number of employees and also the field of activity will be moderately expanded under the new management.


Kalbermatter GmbH
Gotthardstrasse 18
6484 Wassen

Phone +41 41 885 13 80