Heizwerk Göschenen AG (Heating Station)

Umfahrungsstrasse 1, 6486 Göschenen

The Göschenen heating centre is the heart of the Göschenen-Andermatt heating network.

Heat from this station heats the municipality of Andermatt and in future also the municipality of Göschenen. The heating station- on the premises of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy in Göschenen - is operated with natural wood as fuel. For the district heating network, the heating station produces hot water with a maximum temperature of 95°C, which circulates in a closed circuit and is delivered to the transfer stations in the building at the heat consumer. Security of supply has the highest priority at the Gotthard heating station. Long-term contracts ensure the supply of over 70 percent of the energy wood required for operation. Of the maximum amount of wood required, almost a third is purchased from a large sawmill in Airolo.


Heizwerk Göschenen AG
Umfahrungsstrasse 1
6486 Göschenen

Phone +41 41 874 09 99