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Golfplatz Realp

Witenwassernstrasse 1, 6491 Realp

9 holes, one mountain pass, 20 years of existence.

The 9-hole Golfplatz Realp is harmoniously embedded in the Alpine landscape. It is probably the most “alpine-y” golf course anywhere – thanks to its location directly at the foot of the Furka Pass.

What do golfing and mountain sports have in common? Nothing, lots of people would probably say – before they have played the Realp golf course, that is. Although it only opened in 1997, it has in fact been located at the foot of the Furka Pass for centuries: glaciers, wind and water have shaped the plateaux and harmoniously embedded them in the impressive Alpine landscape.

With a playing length of 1900 metres, the Realp golf course is a challenging circuit comprising nine holes. The circuit leads along the roaring Reuss and past blossoming Alpine meadows. Due to the terrain, golfers inevitably become mountain hikers here – be it only to get to the next tee. The mountain backdrop surrounding it is striking: golfers are therefore alerted to keep their eye on the ball!

Golfplatz Realp is open to all golfers who hold at least an official course qualification plus a membership recognised by the ASG organisation (ASG, ASGI or ASG Golfcard).

Tee time bookings can be made directly via the website (under Anlage, Green Fee) or with the Realp golf club.

9-Loch an Wochentagen CHF 50.-
9-Loch an Wochenenden CHF 60.-
Tagesfee an Wochentagen CHF 80.-
Tagesfee an Wochenenden CHF 90.-


Golfclub Andermatt Realp
Witenwassernstrasse 1
6491 Realp

Phone +41 41 887 01 62