Göscheneralp dam

Göscheneralpstrasse 6, 6487 Göschenen

The Göscheneralp lake is a reservoir that is used by the Göschenen power station. The dam dates back to 1960 and can be visited on a guided tour.

Accompanied by an employee from the Göschenen power station, visitors disappear into the 155 metre-high dam in the Göscheneralp. This is an impressive tour on the inside of the barrage, which was raised using only natural materials. More than 300 steps need to be conquered down to the throttle valves. Next, visitors cross over the dam and arrive at the bottom outlet. A funicular railway conveys visitors back to the starting point.

Wasserwelten Göschenen organise the tours between June and October for groups of 8-12 persons (max. two groups possible). Smaller groups upon request.


Wasserwelten Göschenen
Göscheneralpstrasse 6
6487 Göschenen