Fireplace Holzieri/Schipfenberg

6482 Gurtnellen

The Schipfenberg fireplace is situated on the Geissberg theme path and offers strong views into Uri's side valleys.

The Geissberg avalanche influences the history and landscape design around Gurtnellen. You can find out more about it on the way to the fireplace.

The Geissberg avalanche also makes locals from Gurtnellen scared. Every few years it thunders down into the valley with great force. More than once the railway line and the road were buried. If you hike along the Geissberg theme trail, you will see all the avalanche barriers that have been built over the past 60 years. At Schipfenberg, just under an hour from Gurtnellen-Dorf, there is a beautiful rest area with a fireplace and fountain. The view into the upper Reuss valley, Fellital and Maderanertal is a strong moment.