Fireplace Furkareuss

6491 Realp

Cozy get-together near Realp, while the meal sizzles on the fire.

Located directly on the banks of the Furkareuss river, there is an idyllic barbecue area surrounded by bushes and trees with a well (no drinking water), various seats and tables.

The barbecue area is fully equipped and the barbecue fun can begin.

In addition to a covered wood supply, it even has barbecue accessories such as barbecue tongs, shovel and steel brushes to clean the grill grid. There are also two ping-pong tables without net on the area, which is about 10 minutes walk from Realp station.

The spacious flat lawn is ideal for board games such as boccia or badminton. The banks of the Furkareuss river invite children to play with water, stones and wood.