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Dorfschreinerei Simmen GmbH

Gotthardstrasse 31, 6490 Andermatt

The Simmen village carpenter’s shop is centrally located in Andermatt and offers various products and services for interior and/or exterior construction. In addition, its employees deliver household appliances directly to customers’ homes and install them on site.

The product range of the carpenter’s workshop, founded in 1998, is broadly diverse.

Laminate, cork and linoleum for floors, plissee curtains and blinds for windows and much more besides. The village carpenter’s workshop works in interior construction, for example for walls, ceilings, kitchens, furniture. Repairs are also performed, along with glass works.


Dorfschreinerei Simmen GmbH
Gotthardstrasse 31
6490 Andermatt

Phone +41 41 887 04 28
Fax +41 41 887 09 77