historic site

Devil’s Stone

6487 Göschenen

Testaments to a legend – the Devil’s Stone.

According to legend, the Devil tried to destroy the bridge of the same name. However, the Uri locals were cleverer and were quick to prevent it.

The approximately 200-tonne Teufelsstein still stands near Göschenen today. In 1973, it was moved by 127 metres, to make way for the autobahn.

The legend says that the locals, after trying and failing repeatedly to build a bridge over Schöllenen Gorge, looked to the Devil for help. The latter appeared and offered to solve the problem if he received the first soul to cross the bridge in return. No sooner said than done – the locals agreed.

When the time came to send a soul across the bridge, they began thinking about who should be sacrificed. In the end, they sent a billy goat across the bridge. The Devil got so furious that he picked up a rock and tried to knock down the bridge again. However, a religious woman etched a cross into the rock, and so the Devil missed the bridge. The Devil’s Stone still stands near Göschenen today.

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6487 Göschenen