cheesed dairy

Alp Hinterfeld

6485 Meien

Alp Hinterfeld is located in the wildly romantic Meien Valley at 1664 m above sea level, and can be reached by car from the Sustenpass road or on foot via the old Sustenweg. Alp products are available between June and September.

Alp Hinterfeld is an alpine collective. Currently, 15 farmers hold the right to drive their cattle.
Approximately 100 cows and 50 heifers graze on the summer pastures between June and September.


  • Large Alp cheese, approx. 6 kg
  • Mutschli Nature, cream, chives, ca. 1 kg
  • Yoghurt, various flavours
  • Butter
  • Whey cheese

The products are available:

  • directly from the Alp Hinterfeld cheese dairy in the Meien Valley
  • from members of the collective
  • Wassen village store
  • Seedorf Alpine cheese market

The special thing about this Alpine cheese is that the entire full-cream milk is processed, that is to say, the milk is not skimmed. This results in a cheese with a creamy flavour. Leftover cheese is shared among all members of the collective at the end of the summer.

Alp descent

Traditionally, Alpine farmers walk to Wassen with splendidly decorated cows at the end of the summer. The Alp descent with village fair takes place in around mid-September.


Alp Hinterfeld
6485 Meien

Phone +41 41 885 17 85