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Experience the impressive Rhone Glacier up close and personal. Cross this awe-inspiring sea of ice with its 10 m-deep crevasses. Equipped with our crampons, ice axes and roped together as a team, we reach the mouth of the glacier to witness the mesmerizing spectacle of glacial milk cascading down into the Rhone valley. Participants will also have the opportunity to venture as far as 100 m into the ice grotto.

1 day 

Harness, ice axe and crampons (can be rented for CHF 15.00)

CHF 169.00 per person excl. material

Group size
3-10 persons

German / English

German / English

9 am

Details iceage light

Anreiseinformation Andermatt Sommer

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9 am Mammut Store Andermatt / Imholz Sport - Piazza Gottardo

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