Barbecue evening rides up the Furka New category Adult


Special rides with the historic diesel train from Andermatt.

Andermatt from 18.05 h
Realp MGB from 18.25 h
Furka DFB arrival 19.33 hrs

Furka DFB from 21.10 hrs
Realp MGB arrival 21.50 h
Andermatt arrival 22.03 h

Minimum number of participants
40 persons

On the train: small aperitif
At Furka station: salad buffet, barbecue dinner à discretion with meat, sausage and side dishes as well as dessert buffet with coffee/tea (heated tent)

Andermatt ab: 18.05 Uhr
Realp MGB ab: 18.25 Uhr
Furka DFB an: 19.33 Uhr

Furka DFB ab: 21.10 Uhr
Realp MGB an: 21.50 Uhr
Andermatt an: 22.03 Uhr

Getting there

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